With rain chasing her at her heels and her fear of rain flowing through her veins, Nora is in a downward spiral mentally and trying to grasp onto anything that will stop her. For many years she has been trying to come to grips with her parent’s death in a car crash and a voice that she incessantly hears in her head that announces only evil. She lives amongst a testosterone filled family; Pops, her uncles and cousins that have never wavered in their love but are often overshadowed by the darkness that overwhelms her. With the loss of a friendship, running into the man that killed her parents, and her family confronting her about her issues, all with the sound of the voice echoing throughout, she is brought to the edge of insanity and to her breaking point. Will she win the battle in her mind or will she succumb to defeat?



My story of growing up engulfed in depression that was enhanced by self mutilation and enticed by my self hatred. Depression is very real and detrimental to one’s mind. I decided to take a deep breath and embark on a journey through my noxious emotions to eliminate the darkness and embrace the sunshine of life. So here it goes my rants, my pleas, my cheers, my fears, but most of all, my words.

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It was a normal sunny day in Wickedville when suddenly the sun disappeared, the animals began to cry and things started to turn black. It was Sara Unsmiley taking all the happiness away. 
Will Hazel and her friends be able to stop her before they are completely surrounded by darkness?