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Release Date: June 5, 2014

Genres: Sci-fi, Urban fantasy, Action Adventure, Ancient Mythologies


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“Your enemies will outnumber you. Your armor will define you.”

A second war in heaven is sparked by the actions of Azrael: the Arch-Angel of death. After his banishment, Angels all over existence flee to earth, masquerading as gods. Hints of their genetic code-and the unlocked powers therein-live on through the millennia, hidden in the bloodlines of their descendants.

Best friends, army Rangers Jarrod and Austin, are invited by a secret agency to participate in a program that would make them the ultimate weapons. The “Double-Helix,” which unlocks hidden abilities in the Angels’ human-born descendants, is not without its consequences. Participants will no longer be themselves, that is, until a familiar face returns in human form.


Hershiser’s head dangled from side to side – his sweat drenched hair covered his battered face – as he was dragged through the halls of the torch lit fortress. His feet slid along the stone floor behind him, while his one un-swollen eye counted the cracks in the numerous rocks. The slow, but steady, clicking of chains demanded his attention. He lifted his head in time to see the large, wooden, double doors swing towards him.

Once the doors were completely opened, he was carried into a grand circular chamber. The repeated noise of hundreds of collective feet, stomping on the ground, caused his heart beat to quicken. As he was carried to the center of the room, he looked up to the see the full moon, perched on the black backdrop, shining furiously through a dome window. His eyes ran down the cylindrical room, scanning the three levels of onlookers who waived their fists in the air, and landed on Kirk – whose armor had receded completely.

Kirk,” Hershiser hacked, unable to move his jaw. He attempted to crawl towards his comrade, but a large foot stepped in-between them. He looked up and the towering Cyclops snarled at him. A pink light washed over the room, encouraging the hundreds of stomping feet to lift their voices with loud cheers.

Hershiser looked forward. The man from the boat stood at the steps of a throne. Seated in the massive, gold and stone, chair was a woman. Her crimson hair draped down the side of her face, covering her eye and cheek on the right, and behind her left ear on the other the other side. Her dress, inordinately long, draped all the way down the five steps, to the ground, away from her seat. It was slit along the right leg, exposing her olive skin. Her eyes were dark, but as she looked at Hershiser he could see they had a slight orange glow around the pupil.

She stood, grabbing the sides of her form fitting dress, and flapped it, creating the cracking sound of a whip, and as such those who cheered before fell silent. A muscular gladiator, dressed only in a loin cloth, knelt down on the steps before her, and raised his hand to help her down the steps. She reached the cobbled floor. Her black spiked-boots made a distinct clacking noise as she approached Hershiser.

What have you done with our Lord?” she asked, with a firm, yet alluring, voice. He wanted to respond to her question, to give her a pleasing answer, but he didn’t know what she was talking about. She knelt beside him, exposing her smooth thigh, and grabbed him by the face. “Answer me.”

I’ll help you find him,” he tried to grab her dress and pull her close, just hoping to smell her hair, but she pushed him away. He didn’t know why she spurned him, nor did he know why he cared. He just wanted her attention. The song in her voice aroused him. “Please, I’ll do anything.”

I find your begging to be pathetic,” she walked over to Kirk. She moved her fingers along his face, making Hershiser’s blood boil.

She pressed her lips into Kirk’s and stuck her tongue down his throat. His body convulsed as his genetically altered, sandy blonde, hair turned into a jet black mess. His eyes changed colors, and his cheek bones and squared jaw morphed into a fat round face. She stood, pushing off of Kirk’s aching chest, and walked towards the throne. The half naked gladiator once again bowed.

Another imposter, posing in our great Lord’s armor,” she said, sliding her long, lacy, gloves onto her hands. She spun around and sat on her throne. “Kill them both.”

No, I can be of service,” Hershiser stood, using all his strength, and ran towards the steps of the throne. He flung himself to the floor, his face down, and held his hands together. As if betrayed by a friend, his heart split in half. He pleaded with her. “I will do as you say.”

Will you?” she grinned, leaning forward and rubbing her chin. She crossed her legs and the chamber let out a collective gasp of enlightenment. Hershiser looked up at her, nodding. She spoke. “Bring me the imposter’s head, prove your allegiance, and I will let you be one of us.”

Hershiser nodded, limping over to the half naked gladiator, taking a sword. He slowly meandered over towards Kirk, who was awakening from the transformation back to his normal self. Kirk slowly rose up and drove his elbow into Hershiser’s arm, attempting to stop him from swinging the sword. The two men locked up, but Hershiser quickly gained the upper hand by wrapping his arm around Kirk’s neck – squeezing. He then flung Kirk to the ground and knelt over him, dealing fist after to fist into the face.

The woman laughed and Hershiser looked up, allowing Kirk to roll backwards and drive a heel into Hershiser’s sternum. Kirk lunged for the sword, but Hershiser kicked it out of the way. He grabbed Kirk by the ankle, and twisted it quickly, snapping it.

Kirk screamed, raking his fingernails across the ground, breaking several off. Hershiser dealt three quick blows to the kidney, and then slammed Kirk into the base of one of the large columns that climbed through each floor of the massive chamber. He grabbed Kirk by the hair and repeatedly slammed his head into the large stone beam. Once his enemy was passed out, Hershiser walked over to the sword and picked it up. He plodded back towards Kirk and gave several hacks at Kirk’s neck, slamming the blade into the face, chest, and finally jaw, as his errant swipes failed to sever the head.

Building up the anger to try one last time, his sixth swipe went clean through Kirk’s jaw, severing the head, lodging the blade into the stone column. Hershiser grabbed the head by the hair and lifted it, much to the applause and delight of those who looked on.

Are you ready to share your secrets?” she asked, leaning forward.

Hershiser nodded, unable to deny her.

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About the Author:
I’m 28 Years old. Live in Dallas, Texas. Married with a 4 year old girl.
I was nominated for an Emmy.
I’ve written a series of books on Fantasy baseball strategy.
I lived in Europe for a long time while growing up.
I was Batman at Six Flags.

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